Your Biggest AllIE Againts Rust!!

Stop rust with ValuGard

Buffalo Liners is proud to be your local, authorized  installer of ValuGard, a rust proofing undercoating  

RUST IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE! Although your new vehicle’s frame and body panels have been manufactured with state-of-the-art factory corrosion protection, the introduction of the newest de-icing agents has put extra stress on engineered-in factory protection. Magnesium chloride (MagCL), for example, has become the de-icing agent of choice (in place of salt) by many highway departments. In areas where MagCL is being used, vehicle corrosion has increased ten-fold. What’s more, many states are even using MagCL (by far more corrosive than salt!) for dust control on unpaved roads. Bottom line, just because it might not snow where you live doesn’t mean your vehicle isn’t being exposed to rust-causing chemicals. In today’s environment, added corrosion protection is important regardless of geography. 

7 reasons to protect your vehicle with ValuGard

1. 24 million tons of corrosive materials are applied to U.S. roads annually.
2. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) estimates corrosion costs the
nation’s transportation industry more than $30 billion annually.
3. Rust takes time to develop. It takes about 4 to 5 years before you notice rust
perforation (usually at the bottom of doors, rocker arms, trunk lids, tailgates,
fender and hood).
4. Most vehicle manufacturer warranties are for 3 Years. By the time you
experience rust damage, many vehicle warranties have expired.
5. ValuGard Corrosion Protection is backed by a rock-solid LIFETIME
WARRANTY for new vehicles.
6. The SAE International corrosion standard for protection of steel against MagCL
is SAE-J2334. Both ValuGard Undercoat and Rust Inhibitor are formulated
to effectively protect from MagCL exposure and have PASSED these standards!
7. ValuGard has been applied to and has protected millions of vehicles for
over 40 years.
A ValuGard Corrosion Package can help maintain the good looks and help
retain the value of the second largest investment you will ever make: your
personal transportation!


Spray On Protective Coatings in West Burlington, Iowa

Serving your spray-on protective liner needs in a

variety of colors and applications

Standard Colors

These liners are capable of withstanding shocks and scratches and are impervious to liquid. The seamless one-piece application prevents anything from seeping through or around it! It will last a lifetime and cannot be stolen. PLUS…

  • Semi skid resistance surface keeps cargo more secure and allows for easy loading and unloading
  • Great insulator and soundproofing qualities
  • Resistant to common chemicals
  • Permanent bonding seals against water, rust, and corrosion
  • Adds to the resale value of your truck
Spray On Protective Coatings in West Burlington, Iowa

Bond to almost any surface – The uses are unlimited!


Versatile and durable high-pressure liners can be used to protect much more than your truck bed. Bonds to steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, and fiberglass! Don’t forget your truck’s accessories such as toolboxes, fender flares, nerf bars and rocker panels.

Spray On Protective Coatings in West Burlington, Iowa

Car Dealerships, Commercial Vans, Horse and Livestock Trailers


Unlike other companies, we don’t stop at truck beds and can offer the same quality liner protection on what and where your customers need it! PLUS we will beat any comparable bedliner service’s prices so you can pass the savings on to your customers!

ANother Feature

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Spray On Protective Coatings in West Burlington, Iowa

Protect your toys too!


Great for boats, tailers and docks!



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